Recreating the Civil War in 360 degrees Right Here in Wisconsin

On January 11, the Civil War Museum in Kenosha WI debuted its new million-dollar 360 degree Civil War film “Seeing the Elephant” which was filmed in Wisconsin with crew and production support provided by Fresh Coast Production Resources.

CWMmovie4 CWMmovie5

The Kenosha Museum, nationally known for its Civil War exhibits, is one of the few museums in the country to offer this high-tech 360-degree digital film experience. The film’s trailer can be viewed at

Produced by Boston Productions, the 10-minute film focuses on the personal experiences and historical accounts of Civil War soldiers. “Seeing the Elephant” was the term used by these citizen soldiers to describe their first battle experience. More than a hundred Civil War reenactors from throughout the Midwest participated in the filming.

CWMmovie6 poster

Filming took place last June at Old World Wisconsin – a 600-acre open-air museum in Eagle WI operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Special 360 degree camera rigs and pyrotechnics were brought in from California. Fresh Coast provided Key Grips, AC, SFX Makeup, Wardrobe, Script Supervision, Craft Services, and a small army of PA’s. In all, seventeen Fresh Coast crew people were on the shoot, and all of them from SE Wisconsin. Milwaukee’s Bodi Company and Electric Sun Corp. provided camera support and lighting.

Filming was accomplished in five very long (and often hot) days, sometimes under difficult conditions, but our Fresh Coast crew rose to the challenge. All agreed that working on “Seeing the Elephant” was a unique experience they will not soon forget. Great job everyone!