Fresh Coast gears up for Civil War film shoot at Old World Wisconsin

With filming scheduled for mid June, most of our May was devoted to pre-pro for this very ambitious project. Produced by Boston Productions for the Kenosha Civil War Museum ,the film will focus on the personal experiences and historical accounts of Civil War soldiers.

Nearly 200 Civil War reenactors from throughout the Midwest will converge on Old World Wisconsin to recreate battle scenes that will be filmed with special 360 degree camera rigs being brought in from California. But most of the crew and other production gear will be sourced here in Wisconsin.

Battlefield Sketch for Civil War reenactment 360 degree digigal film production at Old World Wisconsin.

The film’s producer contracted with Fresh Coast Production Resources to provide all the local crew and production support. We’re happy to report that we’ve been able to fill every crew position they’ve requested, from Key Grips to SFX makeup, all from right here in SE Wisconsin. And with the help of Bodi Co. and Electric Sun Corp, we’ve been able to provide all the required camera support, grip and electric.

Filming is scheduled to begin on June 14. We’ll have an update in our next post.