Dec 2018 - Fresh Coast turns Model Home into Physical Therapy Set

We wrapped up 2018 with a rather challenging project from Fletcher Creates in Chicago.
Their client was
ALLERGAN - a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Special shoot and set requirements for Fletcher Creates and Allergan satisfied by Fresh Coast Production Resources in Milwaukee.

The project required creating a believable physical therapy setting in a rented model home. In addition to the standard stuff – gaffer, grip, AC, sound mixer, Hair/Makeup, PA, and a Sprinter G&E package, we had to come up with all the props necessary to turn the living room of this model home into an up-scale physical therapy clinic. This also involved wardrobe for both patients and medical staff.

Some of it was simple. We rented and/or purchased therapy tables, matts, exercise weights, and those big colorful balls (not sure what they’re called). Then there was a last-minute request for parallel bars. We quickly discovered that “real” parallel bars used in physical therapy facilities are
1.) Not available to rent. 2.) Crazy expensive to buy (and take weeks to deliver). And 3.) Must be bolted to the floor (not really an option in that rented model home). With only a couple days to find a solution, we got lucky on Craig’s List and found a set of parallel bars in Madison for a couple hundred bucks. With careful camera angles, it worked out fine and we donated it after the shoot.

Our thanks to
Jhousy Leon and her resourceful team at Blush for helping us pull this one off.